Spotlight on young researchers 2019: Send us your stories!

To highlight early-career researchers across the world, the FNR is running a social media and website campaign, and is actively looking to hear from PhD or Postdoc researchers with a connection to Luxembourg. This is an opportunity for early-career researchers to showcase their work, and inspire students who may be considering a career in research. Submissions still being accepted!

If you are an early career researcher (PhD / Postdoc) with a connection to Luxembourg and are or have previously been funded by the FNR to some extent, we ask you to take part in our campaign by sending us photos, videos, quotes and stories related to your research. The submissions will be used as the base for an article which will be shared on FNR’s social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn), as well as on the FNR website’s FNR Highlights section and newsletter FNR Info, our weekly e-newsletter.

What should you talk about?

Whatever your research – whether you are in a lab, in a library, or swimming with dolphins, in Luxembourg or abroad, we would love to hear about your experiences during your research – why did you become a researcher? What does your daily life as a researcher look like? Did something unusual happen during your project, do you have interesting photos or stories to share, do you have unexpected or promising results, does your research point to potential innovations in health care, economics or society at large, or can you tell us about interesting collaborations with partners outside academia?

What are the conditions?

The FNR is looking to hear from the following:

  • Luxembourgish researchers in Luxembourg or abroad
  • Non-Luxembourgish researchers in Luxembourg
  • You should be a PhD candidate, or at Postdoc level.
  • You must also send at least one good quality, good resolution photo of yourself, and we are very keen to also get photos relating to your life as a researcher. Submissions without a photo cannot be published.
  • You must write in lay terms – scientific terms can also be used, but they must be accompanied by a lay explanation understandable for the general public.


Eligibility is limited to researchers who are / have previously been funded by the FNR in some way. This means, addition to being either at PhD or Postdoc level, you are eligible if:

  • You are currently funded by the FNR (e.g. AFR, Industrial Fellowships, CORE Junior, JUMP)
  • You have previously been funded by the FNR (for example, if you are now a Postdoc but your PhD was funded by the FNR, or you were an AFR Postdoc and are still on Postdoc level)
  • Your supervisor / group leader is an FNR ATTRACT Fellow or FNR PEARL Chair
  • Your PhD / Postdoc is funded under a CORE, BRIDGES, INTER, PRIDE, IPBG or OPEN project
  • If submitting as a group: At least 1 person in the group must be FNR-funded at time of submission
  • You have not previously been featured in Spotlight on Young Researchers

The deadline to send stories is Monday, 4 March 2019, but you are very welcome to send your story before. The stories collected will be published as FNR Highlights throughout Spring and Summer 2019 and promoted via the FNR’s online channels.

How do I send my story?

There are five different submission forms. Please select the form that applies the most to you:

Please send the completed form to Emily Iversen as soon as possible.

Articles from Spotlight on Young Researchers

Below you can find the 40+ articles and interviews that have been published as part of the 2017 and 2018 Spotlight on Young Researchers campaign.

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