Two FNR ATTRACT Fellows to attend STS Forum

FNR ATTRACT Fellows Anne Grünewald and Thomas Schmidt have been selected to attend the 2018 STS Forum Future Leaders Program, with their attendance sponsored by the FNR.

Each year, the Program aims to up to 150 invite young, promising leaders to attend the meeting and the special event ‘Dialogue Between Future Leaders and Nobel Laureates’. The meeting is organised by the Science and Technology in Society (STS) Forum, together with the Japan Science and Technology Agency. The event takes place in October 2018 in Japan. Since 2016, the FNR sponsors the attendance of two outstanding researchers each year.

About Anne Grünewald

Assistant Prof Dr Anne Grünewald arrived in Luxembourg as an FNR ATTRACT Fellow in 2016. She leads the Molecular and Functional Neurobiology research group at the LCSB at the University of Luxembourg. Find out more in our newly-published ATTRACT interview.

About Thomas Schmidt

Assistant Prof Dr Thomas Schmidt is a physicist working at the University of Luxembourg, specialising in mesoscopic physics. He came to Luxembourg as an FNR ATTRACT Fellow in 2015. Find out more in our video below.

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