Welcome to the new FNR website!

The FNR has just launched a new, improved website. Features of the new site include improved navigation, filters to narrow down funding instruments, a project finder, as well as a dedicated section for success stories, media, facts and figures.

What has changed?

Navigation: Navigation of the website is now more intuitive, with clearer and less menu categories. There are now several ways of navigating the website, and the menu is always visible in the footer of any page. The website now also has a mobile and tablet version, to ensure the best user experience no matter which device is used.

Funding Instruments view: Each FNR funding instrument now has one dedicated programme page. Everything related to a call is available on the programme page, including deadlines, along with all call, reporting and peer review documents.

What is new?

Download Center: One page where all FNR guidelines, call, reporting and peer review documents for all programmes are available for download.

Project Finder: Searchable, filterable database that includes all projects accepted by the FNR since 2010. This enables researchers, media, politicians, teachers and members of the general public to browse through more than 1,000 projects funded by the FNR.

Research with Impact: FNR Highlights: This a new dedicated section for success stories, case studies, as well as videos, facts and figures related to research funded by the FNR. This section will be expanded with more content over the coming months.

Funding Instruments filters: Both FNR funding instruments, and international cooperation opportunities facilitated by the FNR’s INTER programme, can now be narrowed down using special filters. FNR funding instruments can be filtered based on career stage and funding type, while international cooperation opportunities can be filtered by country.

Research in Luxembourg: New page introducing Luxembourg as a research and innovation destination. This includes a timeline of research in Luxembourg, as well an overview of research actors in the country.

Why a new website?

The former FNR website was created in 2008. Since then, the FNR’s activity level and audience has increased significantly, and there were many parts of the website, such as navigation and information flow, that needed improvement.

In order to ensure that we create a website that truly caters to the needs of our website users, we conducted an online survey, asking what we should improve, remove and add. Over 150 stakeholders took part in our survey and we took their constructive feedback to heart, using it as a guide throughout the planning process.

We hope that the new website offers an improved experience for researchers and applicants, while also making it easier for the general public to get an overview of the FNR and its activities.

More information

We worked with Luxembourgish agency Lola to create the new website.

If you have any questions about the new website, or would like to report any issues or general feedback, please contact Emily Iversen.

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