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25 years of research with impact

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The FNR was created on 31 May 1999. In the last 25 years, the FNR has invested around 1 billion Euro in around 4,400 projects. On this page, we share memories from FNR staff, the FNR’s 25-year celebration, as well as our series “25 years of research with impact”, where we bring you 25 examples of research with impact, featuring FNR-supported researchers from a variety of scientific domains.

25 examples of research with impact

To showcase a glimpse of the research with impact the FNR has supported over the last 25 years, we are bringing you a series “25 examples of research with impact”, which will feature five examples from each priority research area. We have chosen out of the researchers that have received significant FNR funding and have been doing so for at least 5 years. We have taken great care to include a diverse range of research areas, and to cover as many areas as possible within each domain, with a focus on the impact for Luxembourg where possible. Each feature will include one interviewee, speaking on behalf of their group or department, and will be accompanied by a short video with the scientist on camera answering 3 questions as a teaser for the article. 

The features will be available below as and when they are published.

FNR staff reminisce about funny, favourite and memorable moments at the FNR