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Do you want to inspire the next generation of researchers?

Every year around March, the FNR organises exchanges between scientists and secondary school students: In the ”Researchers at school” initiative (formerly known as Chercheurs à l’école), researchers of all scientific disciplines go back to school to meet students to speak to them about their life as a researcher: from their beginnings as a student, to their motivation for one or the other scientific discipline, first steps in their professional lives, career challenges and opportunities.

For the students, this is the perfect opportunity to ask the researchers all the questions they may have about life in research, and to receive information on the advantages and disadvantages of being a scientist. For the scientists this is a unique opportunity to engage and enter into a dialogue with students.

How to get involved

Are you a teacher and want to register one or more of your secondary school classes?

The call for participation launches every year in late November/early December on our FNR website and social media.

Are you a researcher (having obtained or preparing your PhD)?

Call for Participation launches every year early January on our FNR website and social media.

Further information requests and questions:

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