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KITS [closed]


  • Career Stage(s):
    Established Researcher , Leading Researcher
  • Funding Type(s):
    Innovation & company collaboration
  • Deadline:
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The objective of the Knowledge & Innovation Transfer Support Programme (KITS) is to provide competitive funding to public research institutions in Luxembourg that will allow them to attract and integrate highly skilled professionals in the area of knowledge transfer.

The programme will contribute to the reinforcement of institutional units that endeavour to engage in the strategic integration and operational implementation of knowledge transfer activities, with the ultimate goal of generating economic and societal value through their research programmes.

The HealthTech sector is a priority of the Luxembourg government’s economic diversification strategy. Growing this sector requires attracting startups with the potential to innovate for and launch their technology in the EU. Focussed and commercially minded sector expertise is needed to foster sustainable collaborations between these startups and biomedical public research. The partnership between MECO and FNR seeks to work on these elements by defining a bioincubator business model that aligns needs and interests of all parties and fosters interaction between public research spin-offs, private start-ups and innovative companies from the HealthTech sector. This is one-off call.


KITS: Projects will be supported for 24 months.

MECO-FNR KITS: Proposals will be supported for 36 months.


KITS: Up to 350,000 EUR can be awarded per successful application.

MECO-FNR KITS: Funding up to 500,000 EUR can be awarded to successful applications.


  • All applications must be submitted via the FNR Online Grant Management System.
  • The proposal must be supported by the relevant public research institution in Luxembourg.
  • The application proposal must be submitted by the person responsible for knowledge transfer on the institutional or unit level, who will also act as Principal Coordinator (PC).

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