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About Spotlight on Young Researchers

Spotlight on Young Researchers was launched in 2016 with the goal of promoting the stories and research of early-career scientists across the globe with a connection to Luxembourg. Since 2016, over 120 features have been published in a wide range of scientific fields. From swimming wih dolphins, research into diseases, drones, space, Artificial Intelligence (AI), history, education, migration patterns of endangered birds – Spotlight has featured countless fields of research.

How does it work?

Once per year a call for submissions is launched, usually with a deadline in the Spring. Download and fill out the relevant form, keeping in mind your answers must be understandable to non-scientists, and send it to by 1 April 2024. We will use what you send us to write a story, which will be published on (and newsletter FNR Info) in a feature-format and promoted on the FNR’s social media channels (FacebookLinkedIn, Instagram) in varying formats. Since 2023, we also offer the opportunity to step in front of the camera to talk about your research for a teaser video to accompany your feature.

Finding the right language

With Spotlight on Young Researchers, we want to tell a story, narrated by you. This story must be understandable to readers who are not familiar with your field of research, including the general public, and therefore a lay tone is essential. Think of how you would explain your research to a child, friends or your parents. Below the story, we have a dedicated section where you can go into more scientific detail.

Make it visual

Consider how photos / images / clips can help illustrate the answers you provide in the submission form and help tell the story. If you are unsure what photos to take or include, we are happy to offer guidance.

Photos and imagery are essential to telling this story. Please include good quality photos in your submission, such as:

  • Photos of you/at work
  • Photos of your work environment
  • Photos related to your work
  • Photos of your work (microscopic images, things you are researching, abstract images – take a look at the FNR Science Image Competition for inspiration)
  • Videos / clips of your / you in your research environment are also highly welcome!

Who is eligible?

Spotlight on Young Researchers is open to early-career researchers, as well as technicians and lab assistants, that are currently or have previously been funded under an FNR funding instrument, such as:

  • AFR/AFR Bilateral; Industrial Fellowships; PRIDE;
  • If your supervisor / group leader has a BRIDGES/ CORE / INTER/ JUMP/ OPEN/ grant;
  • If you are a CORE Junior PI;
  • If you are a current PhD candidate/recent Postdoc involved in a PSP project; If your group leader is an ATTRACT or PEARL grantee.

At the time of submission you must be:

  • A current PhD candidate
  • A (junior) Postdoc/ junior PI (senior researchers are not eligible!)
  • An early career lab assistant or technician

Both researchers in Luxembourg and abroad are eligible providing the criteria above are met. If you are not sure if you are eligible, contact Emily Iversen on

Group submissions of up to 4 people are welcome – at least one person in the group must be FNR-funded.

How to participate

Please send the completed submission form and photos by email (or e.g. wetransfer, OneDrive etc.) to Emily Iversen by Monday, 1 April 2024. Submissions later in April are still accepted.

  • Spotlight on Young Researchers Individual Form
  • Spotlight on Young Researchers Group Form [for collective submissions of 2-4 people] – if more than 1 person from the same research group is planning to submit to Spotlight, this from must be used.
  • Spotlight on Young Researchers Individual Form – Industry [use if your research involves an industry/company partner]
  • Spotlight on Young Researchers Group Form – Industry  [for collective submissions of 2-4 people working on a project with an industry partner]

Spotlight Revisited

In 2022, we also started catching up with some of the young researchers featured in the first editions to see what they have been up to in our follow up series Spotlight Revisited, stay tuned for more follow-ups in 2024.

Were you featured in Spotlight in 2017 or later and want to update your story? Get in touch with Emily Iversen on

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