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In 2021, the FNR introduced a narrative-style CV template for Principal Investigators (PIs) and Co-PIs requesting funding from FNR programmes, currently called the “Individual Narrative Profile”. There were two purposes for this change: a streamlining and simplification of our process, as well as a move towards aligning with the principles of DORA, CoARA and the goals of responsible research assessment.  

As a signatory of DORA and CoARA, the FNR believes that research (and researchers) should be assessed on their own merits, and the value and impact of all research outputs be considered for research assessment. In addition, the goal of the narrative-style CV is to allow an applicant to be more fairly evaluated on their scientific vision, appropriate experience, and a broader set of contributions to science and society (including those related to responsible research conduct, Open Science, mentoring, and others), instead of solely metrics, journal names, and other information that does not fully represent the potential of a researcher.  

The narrative-style CV is an attempt to reduce bias in evaluation through responsible research assessment, as well as a drive towards a more inclusive research culture in Luxembourg. The FNR considered this change as a controlled experiment in our evaluation process, and thus accompanied the new CV with a feedback survey, to collect data and feedback from our stakeholders.  

Report on implementation & feedback results

In 2022, the FNR has continued and extended the narrative profile feedback survey to measure acceptance, usability, and clarity of guidance for both applicants and evaluators. General satisfaction and usability of the narrative profile remained positive, with a general trend towards increased positive and reduced negative feedback, giving further evidence that narrative-style CVs are achieving the goal of allowing individuals to showcase a broader range of skills and experience compared to a traditional CV. 

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Information from 2022 workshop

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