Career Stage(s): PhD Candidate (with Masters), Postdoc & Junior Researcher,

Funding Type(s): Staff funding only, Business Collaboration,

DEADLINE: Open, please contact us.


The aim of the Industrial Partnership Block Grant (IPBG) programme is to foster the cooperation between Luxembourg based companies active in R&D and public research institutions in Luxembourg. This call is organised as a new pilot strand of the FNR’s innovation and industry partnership programmes Industrial Fellowships and BRIDGES.

The IPBG awards a block allocation of PhD and/or Postdoc grants (Industrial Fellowships) in which Luxembourg-based industry partner(s) take the lead in arranging a research programme with a Luxembourg-based public research institution of their choice (in research relevant to FNR’s strategic priority areas).


  • The FNR will support IPBG programmes for a minimum of 48 months and maximum of 72 months.
  • At least 25% of the funding must be supplied by the industry partner(s).
  • A minimum of 5 and maximum of 15 PhD and Postdoc grants can be awarded in this Call.
  • Each grant comprises the equivalent of a 4-year Industrial Fellowships PhD / 2 year Industrial Fellowships Postdoc employment contract, plus a training & travel allowance of 6.000 EUR (PhD) and 4.000 EUR (Postdoc).


  • Submissions are to be made by eligible public research institutions collaborating with Luxembourg-based industrial partners that have established a solid track record in collaborative doctoral training (at least 5 each).
  • Notification of selected projects: maximum 3 months after submission.
  • Programme Start: immediately after notification but at the latest 24 months after notification.



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