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FNR Guidelines on Generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) 

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The present guidelines of the Luxembourg National Research Fund (FNR) provide applicants and those involved in the review, evaluation, and decision-making process with a framework on how to deal with generative AI when preparing and assessing FNR grant applications. 

Important: This position paper is based on the status as of April 2024

Due to the ongoing technical and legal developments in connection with the use of generative AI applications, the FNR will regularly evaluate and – if necessary – adjust the FNR’s position on the use of AI applications.  

FNR Guidelines on Generative AI in Research Funding Processes  

The Luxembourg National Research Fund (FNR) acknowledges the evolving landscape of generative AI technologies and their implications for research funding processes. Committed to fostering a responsible and ethical approach, FNR outlines the following key positions:  

AI Use in Grant Applications

FNR emphasises the principal responsibility of applicants and their institutions to uphold scientific integrity and good practice standards. The use of generative AI in grant applications is permitted, with the understanding that applicant and institution assume full responsibility for ensuring adherence to ethical standards and scientific integrity.   

FNR aligns with international funding bodies, advocating for the responsible use of AI without mandating disclosure in grant applications due to the potential for undue bias and impact on fair assessment.  

Peer Review and Panel Assessment

To uphold the integrity of the evaluation process, FNR explicitly prohibits the use of AI tools by reviewers and panel members. Such tools present risks of data leakage and can inadvertently introduce biases, thereby compromising the fairness of proposal assessments.    

FNR remains committed to regularly reviewing these recommendations considering technological and legal advancements, ensuring that our approach to generative AI remains aligned with our values of integrity, transparency, and fairness in the research funding process.  

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