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Pairing Scheme – Politics meets Research

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In 2016, the FNR, in collaboration with the Luxembourg Parliament, its first Researchers-Politicians Pairing Scheme, where researchers and parliamentarians meet in their respective environments to foster a better mutual understanding. Three editions have been organised so far.

The concept: each MP is paired with a researcher and then spend time together. Part of the activities are an official opening ceremony at Parliament, a visit of MPs at the research campus Belval, individual meetings between the pairs and since the last edition an international conference about the relationships between science and politics. In the framework of the programme the FNR also organised together with Parliament a training on how to present scientific evidence to policy makers.

The most important outcome of the project so far – beside the valuable exchanges that took place – is the creation of a research service within Parliament, an idea that was born during the first edition of the Pairing Scheme, depened during the second edition and finally the third edition was organised as collaboration between the FNR and the newly created research service within Parliament.

How to get involved

Calls for participation for these events are launched annually and communicated via our FNR Info newsletter,  and the FNR’s digital and social media channels.

Impressions from the Pairing Scheme

Visite Belval Pairing Scheme (24.02.2023) 19

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