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  • Career Stage(s):
    Established Researcher , Leading Researcher
  • Funding Type(s):
    International collaboration
  • Deadline: 01-04-2024 14:00 CET
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The aim of the INTER mobility programme is to promote the scientific  exchange between research groups of the Luxembourg public research institutions  and outstanding research groups abroad to foster the set-up/consolidation of international research collaboration, to allow for innovative, internationally competitive research and support the exchange of key knowledge and technological know-how. Thus, the activities should have a strong impact on the research programme of the Luxembourg research group, the Luxembourg research ecosystem in general as well as on the career development of the Luxembourg based researcher. INTER mobility allows for exchanges in both directions (researchers working in Luxembourg to go abroad or for researchers from elsewhere to come to Luxembourg):

More specifically, the FNR intends to support:

  • Luxembourg-based researchers (from levels R2 to R4) to visit the leading research groups in complementary research areas (Mobility – OUT)
  • and/or the visit from outstanding leading senior researchers (R3 to R4) to Luxembourg public research institutions (Mobility – IN).

This funding instrument also aims to bridge the gap between the research communities in the public and the private sector. Therefore, secondments to the private sector, i.e., companies outside of Luxembourg, are highly welcome.

Within the INTER Mobility Scheme, the FNR does not support research stays of early-stage researchers (i.e., PhD candidates).

Further, there are no thematic or geographical limitations for the mobility stay.

Earmarked grants

The FNR reserves some ear-marked grants to foster research collaboration with specific partners, namely the province of Quebec, Singapore, the RIKEN institutes (Japan), and UC Berkeley (US).


The duration of the INTER Mobility exchange is between 6 weeks and 1 year.


  • All applications must be submitted via the FNR’s Online Grant Management System.

The FNR has streamlined the financial regulations for applicants and beneficiaries for all FNR funding schemes in one document. The details on the eligibility of costs are available in the Financial Regulations applicable as of 1 January 2022 and available at FNR website.

The INTER mobility grant does not cover costs related to research activities (e.g., consumables, acquisition of equipment, or field work), organisation or attendance of workshops or conferences, or additional travel during the mobility stay. For further detail, consult check the FNR Financial Regulations.

The FNR financially supports the secondment of researchers (personnel costs for the fellow) and the costs related to the research stays (travel costs and mobility allowance). Furthermore, “other costs” can be claimed, e.g. for Visa, additional health insurance, or child care. Some additional funding for accompanying family members[1] can be provided. In duly justified cases, additional budget in the eligible budget lines can be applied for.

[1] In this context, the FNR retains the definition of the term “family” as all persons linked to the researcher, benefiting from a FNR funding, by (i) marriage or (ii) a recognised relationship having a status equivalent to legal marriage[1] as well as (iii) the researcher’s dependent children.

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