BRIDGES & Industrial Fellowship open for proposals

The innovation programmes BRIDGES and Industrial Fellowships are now open for proposals. Deadline for submission is Friday, 11 October 2019, 14:00 CET.

The Industrial Fellowships programme (formerly AFR-PPP) awards PhD and Postdoc grants to researchers who carry out their PhD and/or postdoc training in collaboration with a company in Luxembourg.

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Changes to Industrial Fellowships starting with this Call

From the call 2019-2 onwards, beneficiaries applying for a Postdoc grant no longer need to have their PhD finished at the submission deadline. If no PhD-certificate can be submitted together with the proposal, it simply needs to be available by project start. However, no grant agreement will be signed without it.

The BRIDGES programme (formerly CORE-PPP) provides financial support for industry partnerships between public research institutions in Luxembourg and national or international companies.

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Results from previous Calls

Highlights related to the FNR’s innovation programmes

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