Call for participation: Pairing Scheme – Politics meets Research

The FNR, in cooperation with the Luxembourgish Parliament, is organising the second edition of the exchange programme “Pairing Scheme”, where researchers and members of the Luxembourgish Parliament meet in their respective working environments. If you are a Principal Investigator and want to take part in this exceptional experience, respond to our call for participation by Monday, 28 January 2019, 10:00.

About the Pairing Scheme

Hear from MPs and researchers who took part in the first edition of the Pairing Scheme

The goal of the Pairing Scheme is to enable researchers and Members of Parliament (MPs) to get to know each other and to get a better understanding of their respective working environment.

How does the Pairing Scheme work?

The concept is that researchers and MPs are paired and visit each other at their working places. Over a period of half a year, several events will take place. Here’s the planning (may be subject to changes):

Pairing Scheme Day 1 – MPs visit the research and innovation campus Belval

26 April 2019 – 09h00-14h00

The MPs visit Belval. During lunchtime: first encounter with all the participating researchers.

Pairing Scheme Day 2 – researchers meet MPs in Parliament

17 May 2019 – From 9:30-15:00

  • Visit of the Chamber of Deputies for the researchers
  • Open discussion between the researchers and the MPs
  • Lunch (all the participating researchers and politicians) at the Parliament
  • Speech: About the role of evidence in the political decision making process (speaker not yet confirmed)

Pairing Scheme Day 3 – the researchers attend a public session of the Parliament

19 or 20 June 2019

  • Lunch and public session (14h00-17h00)
  • The pairs will have lunch together (organised individually by the pairs)
  • Afternoon: The researchers attend a public session of the Parliament (with a translator).

Pairing Scheme Day 4 – the researchers host the politicians at their institutions

Between June and September 2019

For a day (or half a day) the MP visits the researcher in their institution

Note: This date does not need to be the same for each pair and will be arranged by the researchers and politicians – with support from the FNR.

Pairing Scheme Day 5 – debriefing session

27 September 2019

All the participants come together in the Parliament for a debriefing session. Details will follow.

Who can participate?

Eligible are only active researchers, working as Principal Investigators for a Luxembourg public research organisation for a few years.

What do I have to do to participate?

Download participation form

If you are a Principal Investigator and want to participate, please fill out the participation form by Monday, 28 January, 10:00, and send it to Jean-Paul Bertemes and Didier Goossens and tell us why you want to participate and provide us with your CV. 

The content you provide will be published in a brochure that will be distributed to the MPs. The MPs then can choose “their” researcher. If you will be selected and participate in the Pairing Scheme, this content will also be published in the final brochure of the Pairing Scheme, that will be publicly available.

The number of pairs to be set up will be limited by the number of MPs willing to participate. So unfortunately not every researcher can participate. The selection of the researchers will be done by the MPs: Each MP will choose a researcher to pair up with based on the brochure the FNR will distribute to Parliament.

The FNR can decide to only publish a shortlist of candidates in the brochure if the number of interested researchers significantly exceeds the expected number of participating MPs. If so, the shortlisting will account for the research fields of the participants (we want to cover a mix of different research fields), seniority, profile, gender balance and language skills (it is considered an asset if you can understand/speak one of the three official languages of Luxembourg).

If the number of interested researchers does not significantly exceed the expected number of participating MPs, all the researchers that fulfill the criteria (active researcher and principal investigator at a Luxembourgish public research organisation) will be published in the brochure that will be distributed in the Parliament.

What will happen next?

We will present the list of researchers to the Parliament mid of February. The participating MPs will be given the opportunity to each choose a researcher to pair up with so that we can form the pairs end of March. These pairs will then be communicated end of March. The FNR will brief all selected researchers about the aim of the Pairing Scheme and will help to organise a tailored program for each pair.

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