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2023 Science Festival

Luxembourg-Grund: Museum of natural history (natur musée) and in the Neumünster Abbey.

50 workshops and 4 shows based around science and technology will give you the chance to dream and discover scientific knowledge in a hands-on way. The motto is no longer “No touching” but “Touch everything”. Without participation, there’s no result!

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What is the Science Festival?

Every two years in mid-November, the Neumünster Abbey hosts the largest science festival in Luxembourg!
With over 50 free ‘hands-on’ science workshops on average and half a dozen science shows, developed and run by various national researchers and science communicators (and also from Greater Region) from the public and private sector, the event welcomes more than 12,000 visitors. For four days (Thursday – Friday school classes only / Saturday – Sunday open to everyone), visitors can enjoy a “hands-on” experience, conduct fascinating scientific experiments, exchange with researchers and scientists, discover and marvel.

The Science Festival is jointly organised by the National Museum of Natural History (MNHN) and the FNR. Since its first edition during the 1995 cultural year, the Science Festival has established itself as the flagship event for the promotion of science in Luxembourg.