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Lecture series 2023-2024 Epidemiology & Prevention: Social inequalities in cancer incidence and survival. Quantitative approaches in France and Europe

Online or in-person 1 A-B Rue Thomas Edison, 1445 Luxembourg Salle Marie S. Curie & Salle Louis Pasteur


Prof Guy Launoy, Director of Interdisciplinary Research Unit for the Prevention and Treatment of Cancer U1086 “ANTICIPE” INSERM


Social inequalities in health are defined by the observation of a difference in health risk associated with an individual’s place in the community. The social determinants of health are man-made, dependent on the way society is organized, and can therefore be modified by collective decisions.

This is part of a  Luxembourg Institute of Health (LIH) lecture series on epidemiology and prevention. The series is supported by the FNR’s RESCOM programme.

Lecture series – Epidemiology & Prevention 2023-2024