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Lecture series on enabling technologies for the clean energy transition

The lectures will be delivered in-person (Belval Campus) and online.

This lecture series will bring together a group of worldwide renowned experts in specific technical aspects of the CET (many of them qualified as Distinguished Lectures by the IEEE). The lecture series is supported by the FNR RESCOM programme.

The Clean Energy Transition (CET) has become a priority for Europe to move from a fossil fuel-based to a carbon-free energy model by 2050, thereby reducing CO2 emissions, limiting global warming and curbing climate change.

The lectures will consist of two content levels:

  •  present advanced and disruptive scientific concepts oriented to spark ideas among scientists, researchers and students interested in physical and digital energy management;
  •  include a review of projects, trends, businesses and policies related to the CET with the aim of attracting the attention of industry, associations and institutions working in/for the energy sector, trying to also draw the attention of civil society in general.

Join us on this journey towards energy transition, catalyzing a greener, cleaner, and more sustainable future!

In this lecture series, we will explore the pioneering technologies that will transform our carbon-dependent society to a carbon-neutral one.

We will advance in understanding energy efficiency, renewable energy, electrification, digitalization, and beyond.

We will navigate the challenging landscape of the future of energy – digitalized, decentralized, and decarbonized.

Upcoming lectures 2023

12th October 2023
Prof. Arumugam Nallanathan
Artificial Intelligence (AI) for Massive Internet of Things (mIoT) in Clean Distributed Energy Systems University of London, UK

23rd October 2023
Prof. Julio Romero Agüero
Grid Modernization toward Smart Systems for the Clean Energy Transition
Quanta Technology, North Carolina, USA

14th November 2023
Prof. Fei Gao
Hydrogen Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles and Outlooks in the Context of the Clean Energy Transition
Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique, France

13th December 2023
Prof. Pierluigi Mancarella
Clean Multi-Energy Systems: An Introduction to the Smart Grid beyond Electricity
University of Melbourne, Australia

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