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FNR Awards 2023: Discover the winners: Aftermovie now available!

On Thursday, 19 October 2023, the FNR celebrated the 15th edition of the FNR Awards: In the presence of around 200 guests, four awards were presented for Outstanding PhD Thesis; Outstanding Promotion of Science to the Public; Outstanding Scientific Achievement and Outstanding Mentor. Discover the winners, the 2023 after movie, and a selection of impressions from the event.

Photos by Mich Jacoby / FNR | Videos by Moast Creative Studio

The FNR Awards took place for the first time in 2009. Since then, around 85 FNR Awards have been presented. The 2023 FNR Awards Ceremony was hosted by Lisa Burke and FNR Science Communicator Michèle Weber.

Outstanding PhD Thesis: Emanuele Penocchio

Emmanuele Penocchio’s PhD Thesis “Thermodynamics of Chemical Engines: A Chemical Reaction Network Approach” describes molecular processes from a thermodynamics perspective, something never done before.

PhD supervisor: Massimiliano Esposito. PhD project conducted at University of Luxembourg.

Outstanding PhD Thesis shortlist
  • Salah Ghamizi for the thesis ‘Multi-objective Robust Machine Learning For Critical Systems With Scarce Data’ (University of Luxembourg
  • Mina Tsenkova for the thesis ‘Understanding the role of diet and microbiome in colorectal cancer’ (University of Luxembourg, LCSB)

Outstanding Scientific Achievement: Andy Chevigné; Martyna Szpakowska; Max Meyrath; Christie Palmer

The Luxembourg Institute of Health (LIH) team, led by Andy Chevigné, developed a new compound, which could reshape how we treat chronic pain and thereby help reduce the opioid addiction crisis.

Outstanding Scientific Achievement shortlist
  • Arno Gutleb (Luxembourg Institute of Science & Technology – LIST) for ‘3D in vitro models to identify respiratory sensitizers and differentiate them from respiratory irritants’
  • Frédéric Clavert for ‘Journal of Digital History’ (University of Luxembourg, C2DH)

Outstanding Mentor: Pierre Verge

Pierre Verge, R&D scientist, at the Materials Research and Technology (MRT), Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST) wins the 2023 FNR Award for Outstanding Mentor.

Shortlist Outstanding Mentor

Jonathan D. Turner (Luxembourg Institute of Health – LIH)

Outstanding Promotion of Science to the Public: Dominique Santana

Dominique Santana from the C2DH at the University of Luxembourg wins the 2023 FNR Award for the project “A Colônia Luxemburguesa”. The first collaboration of its kind in Luxembourg between a researcher and film producers, the story of two communities on two continents was captured and piled in this transmedia project, which can now be viewed online by everyone.

Outstanding Promotion of Science to the Public shortlist
  • Elisabeth Letellier for ‘Discover the inside of your colon: Boosting cancer prevention’ (University of Luxembourg)
  • Thomas Cauvin & Joëlla van Donkersgoed for ‘HistorEsch: Public History Activities in the city of Esch-sur-Alzette’ (C2DH, University of Luxembourg)

Impressions 2023 FNR Awards Ceremony