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FNR communication and science outreach recognised at Leo Awards


The FNR is proud to share that two FNR communication / science outreach activities were recognised at the 2022 Leo Awards (formerly Media Awards) on 6 October 2022: House of Frankenstein, the 2019 event to celebrate the FNR’s 20 years won Gold (1st place) in the Event/Live Experience category, while the video campaign ‘Look Closer’ took home silver (2nd place) in the category Non-profit Campaign.

Left to right: Didier Goossens (FNR); Emily Iversen (NFR); Pit Maas (Lemon/Moast); Jean-Paul Bertemes (FNR); Stephen Korytko (freelance)

About House of Frankenstein

On Friday, 29 November 2019, on the occasion of the 20 year existence of the FNR, the FNR organised an off-beat event – The House of Frankenstein – where citizens and scientists came together to immerse themselves in some of the biggest controversial science topics facing society, such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), genome editing, gender balance and the use of space resources.

The FNR worked closely with Lemon/Moast to bring this event from an idea to an engaging, fun and thought-provoking event.

Speaking about getting recognised for the event with the Gold award in the Event category, Didier Goossens, Head of FNR Corporate Communication, said:

Didier Goossens (FNR) and Pit Maas (Lemon/Moast) receiving the Gold award

“It is gratifying to be recognised for our creative efforts. The FNR encourages researchers and scientists to actively address current and future societal challenges. And to guarantee that research is firmly established as an essential pillar of Luxembourg’s knowledge society, we encourage an active dialogue between scientists and the general public.

At the “House of Frankenstein,” we submerged people and researchers in an atmosphere conducive to contentious and frank conversations. I am thrilled with the teamwork that made this event possible. This award goes to all my involved teammates.”



About ‘Look Closer – What does it mean to be a researcher?’

In 2021,, the FNR-run science website for all, launched the video ‘Look closer: What does it mean to be a researcher?’ to promote research in Luxembourg and highlight that researchers are often very different from what people might expect! The video was entirely created in Luxembourg featuring local researchers and science communicators.

The video was made with Stephen Korytko.

Stephen Korytko (freelance) and Jean-Paul Bertemes (FNR) receiving the Silver award

Speaking about getting the Silver award in the category Non-profit, Jean-Paul Bertemes, Head of Science in Society at FNR, said:

“We produced our video in the framework of the “Chercheurs à l’école”- project – also so that the researchers can show the video to the students in class. And for this purpose we wanted not a factual video, but a video that conveys emotions, that shows the passion of scientists and the fascination of research. The video was a great collaboration between the Science in Society team, mainly Sonia Ramos and Melanie Reuter, and the producer, Stephen Korytko. We trusted him a lot, and that payed out. His creativity is great and simply by allowing him to be creative, he produced an amazing video, which in fact is more like a short movie. You need absolutely to tune up the sound when you watch it!”


Impressions from the Leo Awards

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