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FNR & Lëtzebuerger Journal podcast series ‘Mäin Element’ awarded at RTL Podcast Awards

Left to right: Daniel Nepgen (Journal) | Didier Goossens (FNR) | Max Kasel (Journal, podcast host)

The podcast series ‘Mäin Element’, a collaboration between FNR and Lëtzebuerger Journal has been awarded Gold in the category Corporate Podcast at the inaugural RTL Podcast Awards. The series, which has aired 15 episodes so far, features researchers in Luxembourg talking about their lives and their passion for science, showing a glimpse of the people behind the science.

The inaugural RTL Podcast Awards featured 3 categories: Best Corporate | Best Private | People’s Choice. The winners in the first two categories were selected by a jury, while the People’s Choice, as the name indicates, was decided by public vote. Read more on

“We are pleased that our science podcast was awarded by the jury. However, this award goes first and foremost to all the scientists who trusted us and agreed to share their personal and professional experiences, as well as their passion for science, publicly in a podcast. In this way, we hope to share exciting stories with the audience and show them not only how diverse and fascinating research is in Luxembourg, but also how diverse and fascinating the people behind it are.

“Last but not least, my thanks go to our partner, the Lëtzebuerger Journal, with whom we embarked on this exciting project two years ago.” – Didier Goossens, FNR Head of Corporate Communication

Listen to ‘Mäin Element’ below, languages vary between English, German, French and Luxembourgish, depending on the researcher. All the episodes are also available on

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