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Proof of Concept Studies

  • Career Stage(s):
    Postdoc & Junior Researcher , Established Researcher , Leading Researcher
  • Funding Type(s):
    Innovation & company collaboration
  • Deadline: 30-06-2023 14:00 CET
    01-12-2023 14:00 CET
  • Call launch:


The FNR JUMP programme is a competitive funding instrument, open to all domains, that is designed to bridge the technical and funding gap between research-driven discoveries and their commercialisation/ utilisation, thereby enhancing the impact of Luxembourg’s research on the economy and society.

FNR will provide financial support to advance the development of applied research-driven and leading-edge technologies/concepts, products, and services that have the potential for:

  • Creation of a spin-off company that will commercialise the invention.
  • Further funding and collaboration because of commercialisation.

Changes starting with this Call: Entrepreneur in Residence-bonus (EiR-bonus) add-on

The FNR has partnered with the Ministry of Economy (MECO) to provide supplementary funding to meet the above two objectives that aim to generate spin-offs. Through the joint Entrepreneur in Residence-bonus (EiR-bonus) add-on funding tool, implemented within the framework of the FNR-MECO collaborative spin-off programme, the Ministry of Economy aims to contribute to progressively improving the national framework of support to spin-off creation and to increase the long-term success rates of this type of new ventures.

The project proposal with “spin-off intent” will get add-on funding to recruit an Entrepreneur in Residence (EiR). The pilot call 2023-1 is aimed to support up to six spin-off track projects, each receiving an add-on 50,000 EUR in addition to the FNR funding. This add-on will only be eligible when an external EiR is identified and hired for the project. EiR potentially leads the business development activities of the JUMP project and contributes to the project’s commercialization success. When a proposal of “spin-off intent” is envisaged, then an EiR must be identified, and the EiR’s CV must be submitted alongside the proposal.


FNR will support JUMP projects with a maximum length of 24 months. Projects can start immediately after notification of the funding decision and no later than 9 months thereafter.

For projects in the biomedical sciences, successful project applications will be funded with a maximum of 450,000 EUR.

In all other domains, funding is limited to maximum 250,000 EUR.


  • All applications must be submitted via the FNR Online Grant Management System.
  • Panel dates: 20 September 2023: Bio-Medical Projects | 21 September 2023: Technology Projects
  • Funding decisions are communicated no more than 4 months after submission deadline.

Download the 2023 calls overview as an A5 flyer with short descriptions or A3 poster with deadlines only.