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INITIATE: Support for development of strategic research & innovation project ideas

Following a pilot phase that started in 2019, the FNR has consolidated its INITIATE funding instrument. The INITIATE instrument is designed to support the initiation and development of strategic research and innovation project ideas that will help make Luxembourg internationally competitive in priority domains.

Through INITIATE, the FNR wishes to back and guide the early-stage development of high-risk/high-reward strategic project ideas, up to the point where a solid project proposal is formulated that can potentially be submitted to FNR’s strategic programmes, such as NCER, PEARL, IPBG, a dedicated one-time call, or a bespoke “package” of funding instruments.

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There will be no traditional call for INITIATE proposals: Following the initial presentation to the FNR, a decision will be taken which may result in a formal invitation to submit an INITIATE proposal. The FNR, together with other stakeholders (e.g. Ministries, Education or Health sector, Industry, Co-sponsors, etc…) can also suggest potential  INITIATE challenges and missions to the research institutions.