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Launch of PEP-CV – A peer exchange platform for narrative-style CVs: Broadening what is recognised in research and innovation 

A coalition of funders, led by the FNR, is partnering with the Marie Curie Alumni Association and the Young Academy of Europe to create a peer exchange platform by the name of PEP-CV, to enhance researchers’ ability to present and valorise a broad range of experiences and achievements in the format of narrative-style CVs. The narrative-style CV has been mandatory in FNR funding applications since 2021.

Read the whole white paper on the PEP-CV website
We want to promote peer-to-peer exchange around activities, responsibilities, and competencies that can be difficult to articulate in funding proposal evaluation, institutional hiring, and promotion processes, to support the broader recognition of all research and innovation-based activities and career pathways. In this way, we aim to contribute to a research culture based on the values of collaboration, collegiality, diversity, and inclusion.
Sean Sapcariu Programme Manager at the FNR

Mentees will be able to find mentors based on a range of traditional and non-traditional career experiences and achievements, to support how these outputs can be articulated in evaluation, hiring, and promotion processes. 

Official launch Spring 2024 – mentors needed!

The PEP-CV platform will be officially launched in Spring 2024, and the consortium is currently looking for mentors to join the platform. If you have experience in writing a narrative-style CV or presenting a broad range of career experiences, outputs, and achievements in evaluation, hiring, and promotion processes, sign up on our website to contribute to the development of others as a PEP-CV mentor. 

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Sean Sapcariu PhD

Programme Manager

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