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Science meets Music event: 1 May @Rockhal

Join us on Sunday 1 May 2022 from 14h00-19h30 at Rockhal for the “Science meets Music” event. This is the official launch event of the Esch2022 project “The Sound of Data – science meets music”, which is a collaboration between Luxembourg National Research Fund (FNR), Centre de Musiques Amplifiées Rockhal, University of Luxembourg and Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST). The project aims to create bridges between the worlds of science, technology, music and art.

What exactly happens there?

For families, kids and adults, there is a science and music fair (comparable to the Science Festival) from 14h00 to 18h00 in Rockhal’s Foyer where you can experiment and discover the interactions between science and music in interactive workshops and performances.

Parallel to this, in the Rockhal’s Club, there is, from 14h00 till 19h30 a programme more oriented towards scientists, musicians and artists. On the agenda are a keynote talk by cyborg-artist Neil Harbisson, a lecture performance by Dr. Valery Vermeulen about data sonification, a panel discussion about “sonification – creative ways for scientists, musicians and artists to work with data”, a closing drink and much more…

The whole event is free. You don’t need a ticket. Foods and drinks are served on the spot. So just come and join us for a thrilling event!

More information about the event:
Or on the event’s Facebook page: Facebook event
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Note: The official launch starts with a networking drink “Scientists meet Musicians”, on Sunday 1 May 2022 from 14h00-15h00 at the Club of the Rockhal. This part of the event is reserved for people upon invitation.

Patrizia Luchetta
Project Coordinator / Event Manager
The Sound of Data – Science meets Music

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