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letzSCIENCE is back: Discover Luxembourg research in augmented reality!

To raise awareness of FNR-supported research in Luxembourg, the FNR returns with letzSCIENCE, the app where Luxembourg research topics can be discovered in augmented reality! The app now features 8 different AR experiences, each on a different topic. Get the free letzSCIENCE AR app now and start discovering science in augmented reality. 

Get the free letzSCIENCE AR app in your app store now:

Already have the app installed from 2021? Click the link above to update the app and see the new features.

A tool to present Luxembourg research in an innovative, interactive way

The first campaign in Luxembourg to blend traditional ‘postering’ with AR technology, the letzSCIENCE experiences are meant to stir curiosity among viewers – by learning about a research topic, or scientific phenomenon in an augmented reality experience, letzSCIENCE aims to get people thirsty for more information about the research behind the augmented reality experiences.  

In addition to an interactive experience, each AR experience features an overview of selected research projects and groups in Luxembourg – the full stories can be discovered on the dedicated website 

letzSCIENCE will continue and over time we will build up a beautiful library of immersive augmented reality experiences that provide a glimpse of the important topics researchers in Luxembourg are working on, with FNR support.

How it works

Head to your app store and get the free letzSCIENCE AR app

Direct link for iOS: 

Direct link for Android:

The app is available in EN; DE & FR.

What can I discover in the letzSCIENCE AR app?

The app now features 8 AR experiences:

  • Diatoms (new!)
  • Plasma (new!)
  • Stomata (revamped from 2020 pilot)
  • Dopaminergic neurons (revamped from 2020 pilot)
  • Liquid crystals (revamped from 2020 pilot)
  • Cancer cells
  • Solar energy
  • Lunar rover

Project partners

letzSCIENCE app development & creation of 3D experiences: Virtual Rangers

Graphic design: Studio Polenta

Digital marketing: Brainmade