Narrative CV: Implementation and feedback results

In 2021, the FNR introduced a narrative-style CV template as a requirement for applicants to all funding schemes. A feedback survey was launched simultaneously to gather feedback on the new CV, from applicants, panel members and reviewers. The report is now available.

These results show that transitioning to a narrative-style CV template is accepted by a large percentage of Luxembourgish-based researchers as well as evaluators from around the world and should support the further development and expansion of narrative-style CVs by other funders and research institutions.

View / download the report

Raw data

In addition to the report, the raw feedback data collected by the survey can be downloaded, which contains both the quantitative questions responses as well as the free text feedback collected in preparation for this survey.

Download raw data


Taking science to the next level: Towards open, inclusive, forward-looking research culture

As a funder, the FNR’s main job is to make sure the best science gets funded. How these decisions are made is critical. Finding the most accurate way of assessing the contribution a researcher or their project can make to science and society is at the heart of this. Equally important is fostering a nourishing, supportive research culture. The FNR has rapidly implemented a number of changes to improve in these areas. An overview.

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