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Pairing Scheme: Launch 2nd edition

On Friday, 26 April 2019 the 2nd edition of the Pairing Scheme was launched, which saw Luxembourg MPs visit the Belval research campus. The second edition of the scheme features 13 MPs paired with 13 researchers.

During the visit to Belval, the MPs discovered the different institutions in Belval and also had the chance to visit a lab. It was also the first time the pairs had a chance to meet.

The 2nd day of the Pairing Scheme will be on Friday, 17 May at Parliament, where the researchers will get to discover how the Luxembourg parliamentary system works and what the daily life of an MP looks like.  This visit will include a keynote talk by Tracey Brown OBE, Director of Sense About Science since 2002.

Below is a brief abstract of what her keynote talk will cover:

Evidence matters in political decision making: Citizens care about evidence. We don’t live in a post-fact Europe. From clean air to school literacy interventions, from official statistics to environmental monitoring, food safety to use of algorithms – evidence matters to people in many walks of life. So it matters that politicians scrutinise and discuss evidence, and that researchers equip them to do so. Tracey will share insights from two decades on the fault lines of evidence in decision making.

About the Pairing Scheme

The aim of the Pairing Scheme is that researchers and MPs get to know each other and develop a better understanding of respective work environments. The FNR is happy that for the 2nd edition of the Pairing Scheme once again so many researchers and MP have decided to take part and commit time to this valuable exchange.

Pairing Scheme: Programme and impressions from visit to Belval

Pairing Scheme Day 1 – MPs visit the research and innovation campus Belval

26 April 2019 – 09h00-14h00

The MPs visit Belval. During lunchtime: first encounter with all the participating researchers.

Pairing Scheme Day 2 – researchers meet MPs in Parliament

17 May 2019 – From 9:30-15:00

  • Visit of the Chamber of Deputies for the researchers
  • Open discussion between the researchers and the MPs
  • Lunch (all the participating researchers and politicians) at the Parliament
  • Speech: ‘Evidence matters in political decision making’ (Tracey Brown OBE, Director of Sense About Science )

Pairing Scheme Day 3 – the researchers attend a public session of the Parliament

19 or 20 June 2019

  • Lunch and public session (14h00-17h00)
  • The pairs will have lunch together (organised individually by the pairs)
  • Afternoon: The researchers attend a public session of the Parliament (with a translator).

Pairing Scheme Day 4 – the researchers host the politicians at their institutions

Between June and September 2019

For a day (or half a day) the MP visits the researcher in their institution

Note: This date does not need to be the same for each pair and will be arranged by the researchers and politicians – with support from the FNR.

Pairing Scheme Day 5 – debriefing session

27 September 2019

All the participants come together in the Parliament for a debriefing session. Details will follow.

Pairs overview

  • Dan Biancalana (LSAP) – Bruno Glumac (LISER)
  • Paul Galles (CSV) – Louis Chauvel (University of Luxembourg)
  • Alex Bodry (LSAP) – Antoine Fischbach (University of Luxembourg)
  • Marc Angel (LSAP) – Nicolas Poussing (LISER)
  • Lydia Mutsch (LSAP) – Paolo Balmas (LISER)
  • Charles Margue (Déi gréng) – Manon Gantenbein (LIH)
  • Octavie Modert (CSV) – Elke Murdock (University of Luxembourg)
  • Viviane Reding (CSV) – Stéphane Bordas (University of Luxembourg)
  • Sven Clement (Piraten) – Erik Proper(LIST)
  • Marc Baum (Déi Lénk) – Ludivine Martin (LISER)
  • David Wagner (Déi Lénk) – Pedro Cardoso-Leite (University of Luxembourg)
  • Djuna Bernard (Déi gréng) – Robin SAMUEL (University of Luxembourg)
  • Franz Fayot (LSAP) – Conchita D’Ambrosio (University of Luxembourg)

Impressions first day 2nd edition

Presentation at FNR by FNR Secretary General Marc Schiltz
Left to right: Jean-Paul Bertemes (FNR); Paul Galles (CSV); Marc Baum (Déi Lénk); Lydia Mutsch (LSAP); David Wagner (Déi Lénk); Franz Fayot (LSAP); Fernand Etgen (President de la Chambre des députés); Charles Margue (déi gréng); Isabelle Barra (Secrétaire générale adjointe, Chambre des députés); Didier Goossens (FNR)
Visiting lab of Prof Dr Paul Wilmes, researcher pictured: Kacy Greenhalgh
Presentation at LISER
MP and researcher pairs meet
Prof Dr Paul Wilmes