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Presentation of the 2017 FNR Annual Report and 2018-21 Strategy

Today, Friday 18 May 2018, the FNR presented its annual report for the year 2017, as well as its Strategy & Action Plan for the years 2018-21. The FNR reflects positively on 2017. A pivotal year for the FNR, as it marked both the end of the 2014-17 multiannual contract with the Government and paved the way for the new 2018-21 strategy. Over the last four years, it committed a total of 240 MEUR for the financing of 892 projects and grants. 

The Annual Report was presented to the press by FNR Secretary Marc Schiltz and Véronique Hoffeld, Chair of the Board of the FNR

Since its creation back in 1999, the FNR has been a leading player in the development of the research ecosystem, driving the national strategy and keeping high the values of excellence in research and socio-economic impact. For the next four years, the FNR has the firm intention to continue in that direction and it will dedicate a total budget of 340.8 MEUR to make progress in the realisation of its vision and mission.

2017 was a pivotal for the FNR, as it both marked the end of the 2014-2017 multi-annual contract with the Government, and paved the way for the signature of the next four-year contract.

View the 2017 Annual Report

Download the FNR's Strategy & Action Plan 2018-21