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Get an overview of the proportion of women vs men funded by the FNR.

Did you know that there are more women than men both on the FNR’s Board and Scientific Council, as well as among FNR staff?

PoC infographic: ProCRob – robots for children with special educational needs

PoC infographic: HuMiX 2.0 – emulating the human microbiome on a chip

PoC infographic: Hotspot ID – the first crowd-sourced, trust-based WiFi security tool

SPOTLIGHT: Young Researchers in Europe

Charles Betz: Luxembourgish postdoc researcher in the UK

Phu Nguyen: Vietnamese PhD researcher in Luxembourg

Dimitra Anastasiou: Greek researcher in Luxembourg (H2020 grant)


Find out about our ATTRACT programme and funded projects in the videos below.

View a general introduction to the ATTRACT programme.

Meet our ATTRACT fellows in biomedicine.

Meet our ATTRACT fellows in humanities and social sciences.

View a summary of the funded ATTRACT projects.

Meet our ATTRACT fellows in material sciences.


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