FNR Awards 2021: Connecting the public with local industrial history


The FNR Award for ‘Outstanding Promotion of Science to the Public’ rewards outreach activities that have done an exceptional job connecting science with society. The 2021 winning activity involved setting up an interactive video installation in the middle of Esch to investigate the industrial history of the Minett region.

“Historical Voices from the Minett” The research project “Remixing Industrial Pasts in the Digital Age” investigates the industrial history of the Minett region. The project is one of the initiatives organised as part of Esch2022 European Capital of Culture. The project’s researchers are investigating lesser-known stories from the Minett region by focusing on topics that have been largely overlooked by historiography, including environmental pollution, workers’ consumption habits, housing development, migration and secret flows of people, goods and information across the border.

By making use of public history methods such as crowdsourcing and oral history interviews, the project aims to encourage inhabitants of the Minett region to take an active part in the research. To this end, the team organised and hosted a Temporary History Lab. Over four weeks, local people were invited to meet the researchers in the lab, to take part in the crowdsourcing of historical sources by bringing personal documents that were digitised in the lab, to tell their personal life story in an oral history interview or to take part in one of the participatory activities like taking an auto-portray or recording a sound postcard.

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The ‘Historical Voices from the Minett’ project was brought to life by a team headed by Stefan Krebs from the Luxembourg Center for Contemporary and Digital History (C2DH) at the University of Luxembourg. It was funded by ESCH 2022.

Outstanding Promotion of Science to the Public – the shortlist

Frederic Conrotte and Gina Reuland (Luxembourg Science Center) made it to the shortlist of the 2021 FNR Awards in the category Outstanding Promotion of Science to the Public for their project bringing space topics into Luxembourg’s classrooms through their project ESERO Luxembourg, the European Space Education Resource Office.

Video produced by Super8

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