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PSP-Flagship: SciTeach Resource Center



The Promoting Science to the Public (PSP)-Flagship scheme supports large, multiannual projects that aim to have a lasting impact on Luxembourg’s society. We take a look at the PSP Flagship pilot project SciTeach, an initiative supporting teachers in Luxembourg in their natural sciences education.

In 2016, the FNR introduced PSP-Flagship as a new branch of its Promoting Science to the Public funding instrument. The original scheme, now called PSP-Classic, continues to provide financial support for numerous and diverse actors to promote science to a lay target audience through interactive projects lasting up to one year and requiring a limited budget.

The goal of the PSP-Flagship programme is to help set up more long-term science outreach activities with a sustainable and lasting impact on the promotion of science to the public in Luxembourg. Thus far, the FNR has co-funded four PSP-Flagship projects, each lasting 3 years and with budgets between €350.000 and €500.000.

PSP Flagship Pilot project: the SciTeach teacher resource centre

A pilot project launched beginning of 2016 is the SciTeach centre located at the University of Luxembourg in Esch-Belval. It supports primary school teachers in Luxembourg in their natural sciences education, a topic currently often neglected in classrooms due to a lack of training and resources among teachers.

“The SciTeach centre offers IFEN-accredited training courses for teachers to expand their knowledge on how to teach natural sciences in the classroom”, explains Jean-Paul Bertemes, Head of Unit Science in Society at the FNR. He adds: ”It is also a resource centre with various teaching materials that teachers can borrow for use in their classrooms.”

The centre is run by science education specialists from the University of Luxembourg who can provide additional evidence-based guidance and support. The team is completed by two teachers commissioned by SCRIPT, who provide the link between the SciTeach project and the classroom.

“The FNR initiated this project because it is an investment in the future”, says Marc Schiltz, Secretary General of the FNR. “Over the last few years, Luxembourg has significantly expanded its efforts in the area of research and innovation. It is now essential to inspire future generations to develop a passion for this area. This is why the FNR wants to increase the status of natural sciences across primary schools in Luxembourg.”

The SciTeach project is a cooperation between the University of Luxembourg, SCRIPT, IFEN, the Ministry of Education and the FNR.

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