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Be brave: Women & Girls in Science – Sallam Abualhaija, AI research scientist


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“The path was exciting, full of intellectual challenges mixed with social prejudice about the incapability of female students, which I proved wrong.”

“To become a scientist, be confident, work hard, and create your own story that will inspire others in the future! ”

Choosing the path of science and research can have many trajectories. To show a glimpse of what different science journeys can look like and inspire young girls to follow their passion for science, Research Luxembourg team players and the Ministry of Equality present season 2 of the series Women & Girls in Science: Meet Sallam Abualhaija who comes “from a distant land where coffee aroma mingles with sand” and learn about her journey fighting social prejudice, stereotypes on her path to becoming a research scientist in artificial intelligence at the SnT at the University of Luxembourg.

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Be brave – women in science: Research Luxembourg team players launch season 2 of video series in collaboration with the Ministry for Equality (MEGA) in Luxembourg

To showcase the many paths of women in science in Luxembourg, and to inspire young girls to pursue their passion for science, the institutions that form Research Luxembourg are launching a video series, in collaboration with MEGA, the Ministry for Equality in Luxembourg.

Choosing the path of science and research can have many trajectories. To show a glimpse of what different science journeys can look like, we selected 6 women in science in Luxembourg, each representing a different institution, scientific focus, background, and function. From PhD candidates, to science communicators, lab specialists and a professor, the options for a career in science are many.

Each video tells a story about a woman in science in Luxembourg, the path they have chosen and why, as well as their message for young girls interested in science. All videos will be uploaded to this page over the course of 11 February – 8 March.

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Season 1 (2022)

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