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Be Brave: Women [& girls] in Science: Lorie Neuberger-Castillo, Microbiome Specialist


To showcase the many paths of women in science in Luxembourg, and to inspire young girls to pursue their passion for science, the institutions that form Research Luxembourg have launched the video series Women [& girls] in Science, in collaboration with MEGA, the Ministry for Equality in Luxembourg.

Choosing the path of science and research can have many trajectories. To show a glimpse of what different science journeys can look like, we selected 6 women in science in Luxembourg, each representing a different institution, scientific focus, background, and function. From PhD candidates, to science communicators, lab specialists and a professor, the options for a career in science are many.

Lorieza Neuberger-Castillo, who started her professional career in the Philippines 16 years ago. At the IBBL at LIH, Lorie is responsible for microbiome DNA sequencing and bioinformatics analysis. She is also an avid scuba diver and a mother of two – discover more in the video!

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