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SciTeach Center: FNR signs agreement to support natural sciences education in primary schools

On Thursday, 21 January 2016, the FNR and partners in the area of research and education signed a cooperation agreement to support the natural sciences education of primary school teachers in Luxembourg, in the form of a ‘SciTeach Center’. The overall aim of the project is to increase the status of natural sciences across primary schools in Luxembourg.

The FNR-initiated SciTeach Center project will see the opening of a new resource centre at the University of Luxembourg, where primary school teachers will be offered educational courses to expand their knowledge in the field of natural sciences. These courses will be accredited by the IFEN. Additionally, various teaching materials will be made available for the teachers to use in their classrooms.

“Over the last few years, Luxembourg has significantly expanded its efforts in the area of research and innovation – this is an investment in the future. It is now essential to inspire future generations to develop a passion for this area. This is why the FNR wants to increase the status of natural sciences across primary schools in Luxembourg”, says Marc Schiltz, Secretary General of the FNR.

The FNR is the main sponsor of the SciTeach Center’s three-year pilot phase, in cooperation with the University of Luxembourg, Service de Coordination de la Recherche et de l’Innovation pédagogiques et technologiques (SCRIPT), Institut de formation de l’éducation nationale (IFEN), Ministry of Education and Research.

More information: Press release