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Spotlight on Young Researchers: 100th feature published

100 features have now been published in the ongoing FNR article series Spotlight On Young Researchers. Launched in 2016, the series highlights early career researchers in Luxembourg and Luxembourgish researchers abroad. Of the 121 researchers featured, 61 were female and 60 were male. The series has covered over 85 research topics. 

Spotlight on Young Researchers has an annual call for submissions, normally launched in December with a deadline in March. In order to be eligible, researchers must have benefitted from FNR support at some stage, or be a member in a research group working on FNR-funded projects.

A Spotlight alumni series is planned to launch in 2022, where we will catch up with researchers featured in the series 5 or more years ago, to showcase the many different paths PhD graduates and Postdocs can take, inside as well as outside of research.

Discover all features in the Spotlight on Young Researchers series below.

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