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The Science Slam Luxembourg is back – don’t miss out!

Young scientists from Luxembourg give entertaining insights into their research 

On 15 September it’s once again time for science on stage. At 7 pm in the Salle Robert Krieps in the Abbey Neimënster, young scientists from Luxembourg will compete for the favor of the audience. In 10 minutes, they will present their scientific work in an entertaining way. At the end, the audience decides which presentation was the best and is awarded the Science Slam trophy. The topics originate from the entire spectrum of Luxembourg’s research landscape: from chemistry and biology, but also from social sciences and finance.  

Explaining complex research topics clearly – that is no easy job. At the Science Slam, however, this is precisely the task.  The event is explicitly aimed at a broad audience, and no prior scientific knowledge is necessary. “The goal is on the one hand to inform about the diverse research projects in Luxembourg and on the other hand to promote interest in science in general,” explains Manuel Maidorn, moderator of the Science Slam. The special attraction of the format is the participation of the audience: In a direct vote, the audience decides which contribution they liked best. The presentations should be informative, but also entertaining and, above all, easy to understand. No easy task. 

An open format and plenty of potential for entertainment

In order to convey their topic both clearly and entertainingly, the slammers are free to choose the type of presentation they want to give in 10 minutes. Classical presentations as well as experiments on stage, singing and dancing or other props are allowed. The only condition: The presentation must give an insight into their own research. A total of six participants will take the stage on Fri

How do I get a ticket?

There are several ways:

1. Call the Billeterie +352/ 26 20 52 444

2. Use the ticketing system of the Abbey3. Buy a ticket directly at the Abbey at the reception or the Billeterie during opening hours

Please note: Tickets that are only reserved, need to be picked up on-site at the Abbey until 18:30. Otherwise they will return to the sales and you cannot claim them anymore. (Reservation of tickets is free of charge. Tickets are 5 Euros each)

When and where?

The 2023 edition of the Science Slam will take place in the evening of Friday, September 15th 19:00 (more details to come) and will be hosted at Neumünster Abbey (see the map below). Doors open at 18:00. There will be a pause of 30 minutes after the first half of the contributions. Before the event, during the pause and after the event, there will be a possibility to buy drinks and food.  


Science slams are a science communication format where young scientists explain their research projects in short 10-minute-talks that are easy to follow and afterwards the audience gets to vote. The important thing is not primarily the scientific outcome of their work, but to explain it in an understandable, entertaining and concise way. Science slams take place outside the university or lecture halls and instead in cultural centers, theaters or clubs, usually in the evening. So, in a science slam, the scientists leave their ivory tower and become a part of popular culture.

The Science Slam is co-financed by the Luxembourg National Research Fund through our PSP Classic funding scheme (promoting science to the public).  It was highlighted in the FNR’s 2021 Annual Report, watch the video below!

More information

Further information at  

YouTube videos from the 2021 edition