Science in Society

Anchoring science and research in society is part of the FNR’s strategic objectives. To ensure that research is established sustainably in the public consciousness as an important pillar of Luxembourg’s knowledge society, we support an active exchange between scientists and the general public.

To achieve this objective, the FNR has a range of platforms to help researchers and the public to connect:

  • Digital and real-life activities and events to foster an interest in science and research in the general public. This includes events like the Researchers’ Days, Science Festival, Chercheurs à l’école, as well the website and the dedicated Mr Science.
  • Support for researchers to help maximise the impact of their research in society. This includes training to help researchers develop both communication skills and prepare for science events for the general public.
  • Funding to support individual initiatives from researchers, institutions and the educational community, to help promote science to society: the Promoting Science to the Public funding programme (PSP).

The FNR regularly launches calls for researchers to participate in public engagement activities, such as Researchers’ Days, the Science Festival or campaigns like Chercheurs à l’école.

These calls are announced via the FNR’s weekly electronic newsletter


The FNR runs the funding programme, Promoting Science to the Public (PSP). The PSP funding programme is directed at public institutions or bodies with a research assignment in Luxembourg, as well as teachers, private individuals and non-profit organisations engaged in activities of a scientific nature. To provide optimal solutions for all types of projects, PSP has two strands: PSP-Classic and PSP-Flagship.