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Dernières nouvelles

Radio 100,7 - Topic of the Month: Research in Luxembourg

In April 2014, Radio 100,7 will focus its programming on the multiple facets of research activities in Luxembourg. Stay tuned!

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Systems Biology Training Event: "Stoichiometric and Kinetic Modelling of Biochemical Networks"

ERASySAPP will hold a course on "Stoichiometric and Kinetic Modelling of Biochemical Networks" which will take place in Larnaca, Cyprus from 6-10 October 2014.

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43e Concours "Jonk Fuerscher" et 5ième Expo-Sciences 2014

Ils sont curieux, à la recherche de nouvelles voies et prêts à relever les défis. Ils ont entre 12 et 21 ans et ... ils regorgent de talent et d'idées.

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Euroscience Open Forum 2014 - Call for Travel Grants

The ESOF2014 event will be held in Copenhagen from 21-26 June 2014.

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Ambient Assisted Living (AAL) Joint Programme: Call for Proposals 2014

The FNR is pleased to announce that the 2014 Call for Proposals of the AAL Programme with the topic “Care for the future” is open.

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AFR Training courses 2014

The FNR's AFR Team will organise a series of training courses for PhD researchers in the last year of the doctorate and also for postdoctoral researchers.

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