AFR 2020 Call for proposals

The FNR is pleased to announce the 2020 AFR Call for proposals. The deadline is Wednesday, 11 March 2020, 14:00 CET.

AFR is one of the FNR’s longest-running funding schemes and now serves the specific purpose of providing funding for the training of doctoral candidates. Grants are awarded in the form of an employment contract with the host institution, rather than in the form of a scholarship.

New for 2020

The National Quality Framework for Doctoral Training (QF) contains a set of requirements with respect to the management, quality and academic standards of PhD training. AFR beneficiaries, their supervisors, and institution(s) are expected to follow the rules set in the QF. More specifically, the following requirements must be fulfilled:

For an AFR funded PhD an “Individual PhD Plan” should to be drafted at the onset of each PhD project. This plan must outline the objectives of the research project, the supervision set-up, rights and duties of all involved parties and expected outcomes in terms of reporting, publications, training activities, and other relevant information for a PhD project.

Only for PhD registered at the University of Luxembourg the PhD supervisory committee (CET – Comité d’Encadrement de Thèse) includes at least one member from a research institution abroad.

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