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INTERnational cooperation: ZonMW Open Competition call launched

The FNR is pleased to share that the ZonMW Open Competition call has been launched, with a project idea deadline of 18 April 2024. ZonMw Open Competition is intended for excellent research teams to innovate their research lines in terms of both content and collaboration. The goal is to create space for team science leading to synergistic, groundbreaking science of exceptional quality in the field of fundamental research into health care and innovation.

Collaboration with research groups from Luxembourg is possible by expanding an ZonMw Open Competition grant proposal with a Luxembourgian component (financed by FNR). The LU component does not count for determining the maximum budget size on the Dutch side. However, the Luxembourgian component should not exceed a maximum of € 500,000. ZonMw treats and assesses bilateral proposals in the same way as regular Open Competition grant proposals, as described in the call for proposals

ZonMW Open Competition deadline for project idea: 18 April 2024 (before 14:00 hours CET); deadline for full proposal: 12 September 2024 (before 14:00 hours CET).

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