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The FNR and NWO/ZonMW signed a Statement of Intent on 24 March 2017, in which it was agreed to support bilateral projects between researchers based in Luxembourg and in the Netherlands. 

The NWO is the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research, while ZonMW is the Netherlands Organisation for Health Research and Development. NWO/ZonMW respectively will always serve as lead agency under this agreement. 

Currently, the FNR-NWO/ZonMW cooperation is implemented in the following calls: 

NWO Domain Science (ENW)NWO Open Competition Domain Science – M-1 (ongoing, no deadline)find out more

NWO Domain Science (ENW): NWO Open Competition Domain Science – XL (deadline: 15.4.2021)find out more

ZonMW Open Competition (deadline: mid-June 2021 of project idea; full proposal deadline: mid-October 2021)find out more



This Call is open for collaborative research proposals with a question in or overlapping the fields of earth sciences, astronomy, chemistry, computer science, life sciences, physics and mathematics. Proposals can be monodisciplinary, multidisciplinary or interdisciplinary in nature. The collaborating teams are expected to have complementary expertise.

ENW XL call 

In the NWO Open Competition Domain Science – XL, consortia of researchers can apply for curiosity-driven, fundamental research in the research fields of the NWO Domain Science (NWO-domein Exacte en Natuurwetenschappen (ENW)). Through cooperation consortia create added value compared to separate smaller projects, such as ENW -M grants. The ENW XL-grant gives researchers the opportunity and freedom to start, strengthen or expand excellent, challenging and innovative lines of research.  

Collaboration with a research group from Luxembourg is possible by expanding an ENW-XL grant (proposal) with a Luxembourgian component (financed by FNR). The LU component does not count for determining the minimum and maximum budget size on the Dutch side. The Luxembourgian component may amount up to € 1,000,000. NWO treats and assesses bilateral proposals in the same way as regular ENW-XL grant proposals, as described in the call for proposals.  

Luxembourgian researchers involved in an ENW-XL grant proposal must comply to the conditions of the FNR INTER programme (https://www.fnr.lu/funding-instruments/inter/) and are requested to contact the FNR well before the submission deadline 

Which NWO schemes can joint proposals be submitted to?

M-1 (i.e. funding for 1 PhD/Postdoc position in the NL, 1 PhD/Postdoc position in LU) 

Do the budget restrictions on the Dutch part apply for the Luxembourg part as well?

No. On the LU side (so the part funded by the FNR), you can apply for 1 position (i.e. a PhD or a Postdoc position) and some other related project costs (like some involvement of the PI, consumables, travel etc.) => the general INTER funding guidelines apply.

Does the PI count in the calculation of positions asked for?


Will the Luxembourg-based PI be financed by the FNR?

The general INTER funding guidelines apply


In case ZonMW is the funding body, applications are to be submitted to the respective ZonMW Unit by the main Dutch applicant, via the ZonMW electronic official application system. 

In case NWO is the funding body, applications are to be submitted to the involved unit(s) by the main Dutch applicant, via the NWO electronic official application system. 

The general INTER funding guidelines applyAll applications must then be submitted to the FNR no more than 7 days after the NWO/ZonMW deadline. This must be done along with the INTER documents, via the FNR Online Grant Management System. 

NWO Money-follows-cooperation line 

In addition, to the agreement with the FNR where joint collaborative projects are financed by NWO/ZonMW and the FNR, the NWO offers in some calls the possibility of “money-follows-cooperation line”. Here, external research partners can be funded directly by the NWO. As a rule, the foreign partner’s expertise is strongly required in the proposal and is not available within The Netherlands. In calls were the FNR-NWO agreement has been implemented (i.e. ENW-M, ENW-XL, ZonMW Open Competition), Luxembourg researchers cannot profit from this funding mechanism. 

For other calls, please check the NWO guidelines and contact the relevant NWO officer well in advance of the call deadline. Luxembourg researchers are not requested to submit an INTER application, if the NWO money-follows-cooperation principle applies.  

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