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Narrative CV: Implementation and feedback results – 2023 report

In 2021, the FNR introduced a narrative-style CV template as a requirement for applicants to all funding schemes. A feedback survey was launched simultaneously to gather feedback on the new CV, from applicants, panel members and reviewers. Following the 2022 report about implementation & feedback, the 2023 report is now available.

In 2022, the FNR has continued and extended the narrative profile feedback survey to measure acceptance, usability, and clarity of guidance for both applicants and evaluators. General satisfaction and usability of the narrative profile remained positive, with a general trend towards increased positive and reduced negative feedback, giving further evidence that narrative-style CVs are achieving the goal of allowing individuals to showcase a broader range of skills and experience compared to a traditional CV.

Listening to the formal and informal feedback of our stakeholders over the past year and adapting our guidance led to positive impact on usability of the narrative profile.

While the overall trend was positive, there were differences in the perception and feedback of the narrative profile based on gender and domain, showing that further investigation is necessary to understand how narrative-style CVs are used by different groups, as well as how funders and institutions can better support these new evaluation tools.

See the report for the full information.

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