Career Stage(s): Postdoc & Junior Researcher, Established Researcher,

Funding Type(s): Project Funding, Support to establish research groups in Luxembourg,

Deadline: 13-11-2020 14:00 CET (pre-proposals)

Deadline: 12-02-2021 14:00 CET (full proposals)


The ATTRACT programme is designed for researchers not yet established in Luxembourg, who demonstrate the potential to become leaders in their field of research. The scheme offers promising junior researchers the opportunity to set up their own research team within one of the country’s research institutions.

Researchers are eligible between 2 and 8 years after their PhD, they must have an outstanding track record in their field which has to fit strategically to the research agenda of the Luxembourg host institution.

Host institutions offer candidates the prospect of developing an own research line. ATTRACT fellows are offered individual coaching and a career track towards a tenured position.

Changes starting with 2021 Call

  • On 20 December 2019, the Luxembourg Government adopted the “National Research and Innovation Strategy for Luxembourg” with the National Research Priorities (NRP). Proposals submitted under the ATTRACT programme need to align with the National Research Priorities.
  • Applicants (and other researchers directly involved in the project) need to indicate their ORCID identifier.
  • Applicants are required to devise a leadership development plan. Applicants are also expected to give consideration to diversity and inclusion aspects in the development of their research group.


ATTRACT fellowships have a lifespan of 5 years.


The financial contribution by the FNR can be up to 1.5 MEUR for Starting Investigators (Postdoc & Junior Researcher level) or 2 MEUR for Consolidating Investigators (Established Researcher level). In the 2019 Call, the FNR expects to be able to fund 1 – 2 projects.


  • Interested candidates must check well in advance whether the Luxembourg host institution for their ATTRACT grant has an internal deadline prior to the FNR deadline.
  • The ATTRACT programme has 1 Call per year
  • The candidate must have 2 – 8 years proven experience in the R&D context, following the successful completion of a doctoral degree.
  • Research proposals must be submitted jointly by the candidate and host institution (candidates should contact their intended host institution well ahead of the FNR deadline to align with the institutions internal deadlines).
  • All applications must be submitted via the FNR Online Grant Management System.

Call timeline


13 November 2020

14:00 CET


Pre-proposal Deadline: Joint submission by the candidate and the Luxembourg host institution


12 February 2021

14:00 CET


Full Proposal Deadline: Joint submission of the Full Proposal



June 2021



Expert Panel meeting and interviews



July 2021


Funding Decision by the FNR


Funded ATTRACT Fellows



Emma Schymanski (University of Luxembourg) for project ‘Environmental Cheminformatics to Identify Unknown Chemicals and their Effects’ (ECHIDNA) (ATTRACT Consolidator grant)

Johannes Meiser (Luxembourg Institute of Health) for project ‘Understanding and targeting the function of formate overflow in cancer’ (ATTRACT Starting grant)


Pedro Cardoso-Leite (University of Luxembourg) for project ‘DIGILEARN

Alex Redinger (University of Luxembourg) for project ‘SUNSPOT

Stan Schymanski (Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology – LIST) for project ‘WAVE


Samuel Greiff (University of Luxembourg) for project ‘Assessing Skills in the 21st Century

Ines Thiele (LCSB at University of Luxembourg) for project ‘An integrated multiorgan reconstruction of human metabolism: connecting diet to health


Karsten Hiller (LCSB at University of Luxembourg) ‘Metabolomics Junior Research Group

Oliver Kohns (University of Luxembourg) for project ‘Aesthetical Figurations of the Political in the Postnational Age – ÄPO


Andreas Michels (University of Luxembourg) for project ‘Earth Nanomagnetism – RARE

Paul Wilmes (LCSB at University of Luxembourg) for project ‘Systems Biology of Natural Microbial Assemblages – SysBioNaMa



  • All
  • Life Sciences, Biology & Medicine
  • Materials, Physics & Engineering

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Fighting autoimmunity and cancer: The nutritional key

FNR ATTRACT Fellows – the people behind the science: Johannes Meiser


Introducing ATTRACT

ATTRACT Fellows in Biomedicine

ATTRACT Fellows in Education/Cognitive Applied Science and Humanities/Identities/Politics

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ATTRACT Fellows in Material Sciences

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