Country(s): France,

Deadline: 01-12-2020 13:00 CET (pre-proposal - to be submitted to ANR only)

Full proposal deadline TBC


The objective of the agreement between the FNR and the Agence Nationale de la Recherche (ANR) is to enhance the cooperation between France and Luxembourg-based scientists in all possible fields of research, and to facilitate the establishment of bilateral research projects.

Joint projects under this call will be funded both by the FNR and the ANR, with the ANR serving as lead agency. International projects are funded via the ANR’s PRCI instrument.



  • The deadline for the pre-proposal submission is Tuesday, 1 December 2020. Deadline for invited full proposals will be communicated at a later stage. Pre-proposals must be submitted to the ANR only.
  • As for previous years only the acronym, title, summary, requested amount, duration and the team from both countries are requested. Unfortunately, only the French PI’s successfully registered by 1 December 2020 will receive this invitation. It will not be possible to join the call after.
  • All applications must be submitted to the ANR. Proposals not submitted to the ANR cannot be retained for review.
  • Please note that joint (full) applications submitted to the lead agency must also be submitted to the FNR – along with the FNR INTER documents – no later than 5 days after the lead agency deadline. Please note: only the full proposal must be submitted to the FNR (pre-proposal: ANR only). 


  • Proposals are evaluated by the ANR who serve as lead agency in this agreement.
  • The FNR accepts the evaluation results of the ANR as a basis for its decision process.
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