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The FNR and CNRS have an agreement to support bilateral projects between Luxembourg and France-based scientists. Under this agreement, where the CNRS is the lead agency, support is available through 3 instruments:

1. International Emerging Actions (IEA)

The International Emerging Actions give rise to short-term missions, the organisation of working meetings and seminars, the initiation of initial joint research work around a shared scientific project. A selection to the International Emerging Actions call allow the team of the CNRS affiliated laboratory to receive additional credits (from 5 000 to 7 000 € per year) for the financing of these mobility activities. The International Emerging Actions are for a non-renewable period of 2 years.

IEA deadline: 23 September 2020

Funding specifics: FNR funding is limited to the same amount as granted by the CNRS.

Find out more about IEA on the CNRS website

2. European Associated Laboratories (LEA)

An LEA/LIA is a ‘laboratory without walls’. It brings together teams from CRNS and from Luxembourg enhancing a closer cooperation on jointly defined projects. Human and material resources are pooled to carry out the project. Teams or laboratories associated through an LEA maintain their separate autonomy, status, director and location.

The LEA is jointly managed, with revolving or simultaneous co-principal investigators, and has a scientific evaluation committee.

LEA deadline: The call is open all year.

Funding specifics: Eligible costs are expenses for mobility and training fees. FNR funding is limited to the same amount as granted by the CNRS.

Find out more about LEA/LIA on the CNRS website

3. International Research Network (IRN)

An IRN is a scientific coordination network gathering research teams in European and non-European countries. Its activities are coordinated by a scientific committee. It is advised not to have more than three French laboratories involved in an IRN.

IRN deadline: The call is open all year.

Funding specifics: The FNR support is limited to the same amount as that of the CNRS.

Find out more about IRN on the CNRS website


All applications must be submitted to the CNRS, the lead agency. Please visit the CNRS website for further information on how to apply (external link).

Please note that all applications must also be submitted to the FNR via the FNR Online Grant Management System, along with the FNR INTER documents. This must be done no later than 5 working days after the CNRS deadline.

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