Country(s): Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Croatia, Denmark, Estonia, Egypt, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Israel, Italy, Latvia, Norway, Poland, Romania, Spain, Sweden, Turkey,

Deadline: 04-03-2021 17:00 CET (pre-proposals)

Deadline:17-06-2021 17:00 CET (full proposals)


ERA PerMed is an ERA-NET Cofund, supported by 32 partners of 23 countries and cofunded by the European Commission (EC). To align national research strategies, promote excellence, reinforce the competitiveness of European players in Personalised Medicine (PM), and enhance the European collaboration with non-EU countries, 30 funding organisations have agreed to jointly launch the fourth ERA PerMed JTC2021 in order to fund international high-quality research projects in PM. The funding organisations participating in this call particularly wish to promote innovative interdisciplinary collaboration and to encourage translational research proposals.


Aims of the Call

With its fourth transnational call (non-cofunded by the EC), ERA PerMed fosters research and innovation activities that build close linkages between clinical research, computer science/medical informatics and research on ethical, legal and social aspects (ELSA) in the field of PM. This implies a wide range of multidisciplinary activities brought together by different stakeholders from academia, clinical/public health research and private partners such as small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), policy makers, regulatory/health technology assessment (HTA) agencies and patients/patient organisations.

The overarching goal is to improve disease prevention and disease management, based on broader and more efficiently characterised and defined patient stratification, diagnostics and tailored treatment/prevention protocols for both patients and individuals at risk of disease. Early involvement of regulatory authorities and close interaction with the different key contributors, along, the value chain should be included right from the project development phase to bridge the gap between first discoveries or inventions to market access.

Research proposals submitted under this call are expected to demonstrate the applicability of project outcomes to clinical practice and to combine clinical research with data technologies. This could be the development and application of clinical decision support tools by using artificial intelligence (AI) systems approaches, including machine learning technologies. The clinical relevance of the proposed PM approach needs to be convincingly demonstrated. Moreover, proposals must include research on ethical, legal and social aspects.

Scope of the Call

The JTC2021 is constructed around the following three research areas in order to ensure the development of specific PM approaches, taking into account the major aspects for their successful implementation in the health systems: (1) “Translating Basic to Clinical Research and Beyond”, (2) “Data and Information and Communication Technology (ICT)” and (3) “Research towards Responsible Implementation in Healthcare”:

Each proposal MUST address the modules 1B “Clinical Research”, 2 “Towards Application in Healthcare” and 3B “Ethical, Legal and Social Aspects”. Inclusion of modules 1A “Pre-clinical Research” and 3A “Health Economic Research” is optional. Their added value to the proposal and the mandatory modules has to be clearly described.

If you are looking for potential partners, please have a look at the ICPerMed Partnering Tool

View full Call text on ERA PER MED website


  • The FNR supports this Call with 300,000 EUR.
  • Overall budget for this Call is approx. 24 MEUR


In addition to submitting at ERA PerMed, Luxembourg applicants must also submit the proposal – along with the FNR INTER documents – to the FNR no later than 7 working days after the ERA PerMed deadline(s).


  • Opening of online submission tool: December 2020
  • Submission deadline for pre-proposals: 4 March 2021, 17:00 CET
  • Submission deadline for full-proposals: 17 June 2021
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