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Deadline: See NSF website for the various call deadlines


The FNR  promotes new or developing existing partnerships between Luxembourg based researchers and research institutions, and the U.S. National Science Foundation (NSF) funded counterparts in the US. This programme is expected to complement grant support provided by NSF to the selected US counterparts by inviting researchers from public research organisations in Luxembourg to submit proposals for joint research activities with partners in the United States.



Luxembourg applicants (FNR):

  • Applicants should work with NSF eligible research collaborator to identify an NSF programme that is suitable for their research project idea.
  • Luxembourg applicants shall inform FNR about their intention to submit to a given NSF call by sending an email to Dr Helena Burg.
  • Preliminary information (topic, requested budget, people/institutions involved, etc.) should be provided.

US applicants (NSF): 

US applicants should contact the Europe and Eurasia team at the NSF Office of International Science and Engineering (eeinfo@nsf.gov), as well as the relevant NSF disciplinary programme manager about their intention .


U.S. and Luxembourg teams may target any of the NSF opportunities appropriate for their project idea.

Find out more about the NSF (external link)

US applicants (NSF):

  • US applicants submit the proposal to NSF, according to the rules of the given NSF call. In the proposal, the research activities of both partners in the US and in Luxembourg should be described. After submission the NSF applicant should download the entire application file as a PDF file from Fastlane and send to the Luxembourg applicant for submission to the FNR.

Luxembourg applicants (FNR):

  • Luxembourg partners must submit the PDF file of the submitted NSF proposal as well as supplementary budget information to the FNR.
  • All applications submitted to the FNR must be submitted via the FNR Online Grant Management System within 5 working days after the submission to the NSF.
  • FNR will check the Luxembourg part for eligibility


NSF will evaluate the proposal according to the applicable NSF procedures. In case of a positive funding decision by the NSF, FNR will provide complimentary funding for the eligible Luxembourg partner.

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