Country(s): Canada,

Deadline: 16-09-2020 16:00 ET / 22:00 CET (letters of intent)

Deadline:09-12-2020 16:00 ET / 22:00 CET (invited full proposals)


The main objective of this agreement is to foster cross-border collaboration between the scientific communities of Quebec and Luxembourg.  In the framework of the AUDACE programme, the research consortia are invited to submit joint interdisciplinary projects. Three annual bilateral Calls are foreseen under this agreement, with FRQ Quebec serving as lead agency.  

AUDACE aims to provide researchers from the three major sectors covered by the Fonds with favourable conditions for initiating projects with a high level of risk and the potential for high impacts, be they scientific, social, economic, technological, cultural, aesthetic, etc.

With the international “Québec-Luxembourg” AUDACE programme, researchers from Québec and Luxembourg are invited to submit proposals which are in line with an interdisciplinary/intersectoral (as defined by the FRQ) approach engage in a joint, co-created “research approach” whose mode of operation lies outside of the hierarchization of fields of knowledge – in the sense that they involve collaboration between at least two researchers from Québec coming from two sectors covered by different FRQ (Nature et technologies, Santé, Société et culture) and at least one researcher from Luxembourg with a complementary expertise.

Find out more about requirements for this this AUDACE Call


The FNR allocates up to 100.000 EUR (+ 25% indirect costs) per 1-year proposal. Up to 5 projects can be funded per call. 



  • 9 July, 2020: Launch of the call for projects. The international “Québec-Luxembourg” AUDACE program rules and letter of intent E-form are made available online;
  • 16 September 2020: Deadline for submission of letters of intent E-form via the E-portfolio (FRQSC) of the principal investigator from Québec (16:00 ET / 22:00 CET);
  • 9 November: Teams shortlisted by the letter of intent relevancy review are invited to submit a full proposal. The application FRQ E-form is made available online in the principal investigator E-portfolio (FRQSC) who submitted the LOI;
  • 9 December: Deadline for submission of applications E-forms via the E-portfolio (FRQSC) of the principal investigators from Québec (16:00 ET / 22:00 CET);
  • February 2021 (early): Preselected teams after the Phase 1 of the evaluation (individual evaluations) will be invited to the interview with the scientific committee;
  • March 2021: Interviews with the leaders of the projects and the international scientific committee;
  • April 2021: Announcement of the results.


  • Please note all both pre- and full proposal must also be submitted to the FNR by the Luxembourg-based scientist.
  • This must be done no later than 5 working days after the lead agency deadline, and the FNR INTER documents must be included in the submission. 
  • All applications must be submitted via the FNR Online Grant Management System. 

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Find out more about the intersectoral projects expected by this call, watch videos of the first research teams funded by the FRQ programme in 2017 or consult the complete list of funded teams who applied in 2019, 2018 or 2017 to the FRQ call for proposals.

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