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The FNR has an agreement in place to support bilateral projects between Luxembourg and UK-based scientists. The RCUK (now called UKRI) is the lead agency in this agreement.

Applications under the FNR-RCUK agreement are welcomed in any single or cross-disciplinary area which fits within the remit of one or more of the UK Research Councils.

Luxembourg applicants should note that proposals are not limited to the set of national priorities covered by the FNR CORE programme.

Find out about the remits of UK Research Councils (external link)


**New in 2022: Luxembourg co-applicants in applications submitted to AHRC (arts & humanities) and MRC (medical) require a JE-S account. It is not required for Luxembourg co-applicants in applications submitted to ESRC, EPSRC, or NERC.**


All proposals under the UKRI-FNR-agreement will need to be submitted to one of the UK Research Councils. Therefore UK and LU based researchers should identify the RCUK funding scheme which is most appropriate to support their common research project.

Bilateral projects under the FNR-UKRI agreement must be submitted to one of the UK Research Council Calls. Joint applications submitted must then also be submitted to the FNR – along with the FNR INTER documents – no later than 7 days after the lead agency deadline.


Schemes to which applicants can apply may be either responsive mode schemes (covering all areas of Research Council remit) or targeted calls.

Responsive mode schemes:

For responsive mode schemes, UK and LU teams are free to apply according to the specific application guidelines of the scheme.

Research Council


Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC)

Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Council (BBSRC)

Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC)

Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC)

Medical Research Council (MRC)

Natural Environment Research Council (NERC)

Targeted calls / schemes:

All other calls issued by one of the UK Research Councils fall under ‘targeted calls’.

For targeted calls, submitting a proposal is only allowed upon prior approval of the FNR. This is due to the fact that projects within these targeted calls may require budgets much larger than for standard research projects.

UK and LU teams must first inform the FNR about the topic, scope and requested budget. Based on the provided information, the FNR will decide whether to allow for an application based on the following criteria: Strategic importance for the LU research environment & Budget availability.


In its role as lead agency, UKRI will proceed with the evaluation and selection of these projects, in compliance with international standards, and propose a funding decision on behalf of both the FNR and UKRI.

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