Country(s): Switzerland,

Deadline: 21-04-2021 14:00 CET (FNR lead)

Deadline:01-04-2020 postponed to 8 April & 01-10-2020 (SNF lead)

Funding for COVID-19 research: 

Various partner agencies of the FNR have launched calls for proposals concerning Sars-CoV-2 offering international consortia to submit proposals for research projects tackling COVID19. The calls will be handled under the lead-agency procedure and FNR is prepared to finance the Luxembourg part (eligible to FNR support) of successful projects.

Call launch: 30 April; Deadline: 25 May 2020; funding decision: August 2020 

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SNSF will act as lead-agency and allows for bilateral consortia (SNSF-FNR), but also for trilateral consortia (SNSF-FNR + e.g. 1 other). Please check the SNSF call website for more information. 

Luxembourg based researchers participating in the above calls, have to submit an INTER proposal to the FNR via our online grant management system within 5 working days after the deadline (for proposals only, not for the letter of intent). Please select the relevant lead-agency (SNSF, FWF, or DFG) for the submissions. The normal INTER rules apply.  


All proposals submitted within the SNF-FNR agreement must demonstrate the added value of the cooperation between Switzerland and Luxembourg-based scientists.

By definition the Lead Agency is located in the country in which the higher funding amount is requested. In unclear or borderline cases, the funding organisations involved must be contacted to determine the Lead Agency prior to submission.

Proposals where FNR is deemed Lead Agency under this agreement must be submitted in line with the guidelines for the FNR’s CORE programme. Submissions to the FNR under the SNF – FNR agreement must adhere to the CORE priority research domains, and the annual CORE deadline. Proposals where SNF is deemed Lead Agency do not have to adhere to the CORE priorities.


The joint project is funded by both the SNF and the FNR respectively, according to the same conditions and national rules (“Project funding” of the SNF, and the CORE programme rules).

Concerning the project duration, proposals under this agreement must comply with the guidelines of the respective Lead Agency (maximum 4 years, if the project is submitted to SNF; maximum 3 years, if the project is submitted to FNR).

Swiss-Luxembourgish proposals may be submitted to SNF according to the rules set out on the SNF website (external link).



  • In order to determine whether the SNF or FNR will serve as Lead Agency, applicants must calculate the person months of the involved collaborators in the project beforehand (this includes any contributing collaborators).
  • The agency funding the part of the project with the most person months will serve as the lead agency. The full proposal must be submitted to the lead agency by the given deadline.
  • In cases where the FNR is not lead agency, the full proposal must still be submitted to the FNR, including additional documents (INTER documents). This must be done no more than 5 days after the lead agency deadline.


Applications for which the FNR acts as lead agency must be submitted by the FNR’s annual CORE deadline. Applications for which the SNF serves as Lead Agency must be submitted by 1 April or 1 October of every year.


The proposal is evaluated by the lead agency only, according to national rules. The partner funding organisation accepts the evaluation results as a basis for its decision process.

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